Hello there. I’m so curious about you and how you stumbled across this blog amidst the millions of blogs out there. This is not a particularly focused blog. I guess it falls into the mommy blog category. If you dig a bit, you’ll find an occasional nugget about things other than growing kiddos and nap schedules. I’m Amber…a 30 something year old stay at home mom of three glorious cute kids. Sam and I have been married since 2004, and I still love him madly.

Our family spent two years living in London that you can read about here. Now, we live in Houston, Texas…which I swore never would happen. A big chunk of my heart is in Atlanta where we spent the first seven years of our marriage. And then there are my deep running midwestern roots that crave snowy Christmases and a wood burning fireplace…for about 2 days. Beneath the all encompassing mama coat I proudly wear, I am a traveller, a dreamer, a singer, a thinker, and a rebellious spirit. My faith in a loving God is what guides me and challenges me in every season of this lovely life.





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sam & Amber,

    I’m working with a writer from Reuters who is writing an article about babymoons. She would like to interview a few people who have taken/or are planning to take a babymoon vacation. She wants to ask a few general questions such as, where did you go on your babymoon? why did you decide to take a babymoon, etc.

    If you are willing to be interviewed by her could you please forward an e-mail address or phone number and I will pass it along to her?

    Thanks very much.

    Lisa Petrocelli
    Founder, http://www.Babymoonguide.com

  2. Hello! Blast from the past – but I saw Amber featured on Lil Light O Mine today and wanted to come say hello and pay my respects to Luna. Long story short – I dogsat Luna probably 10 years ago shortly after I had just rescued my boxer, Devon! (She turns 11 next month – you can see her pics under the Canine section of my blog!) I worked with Sam and went to Buckhead Church. Looks like you all have been quite busy since then and was nice to look around your blog and see your beautiful babies! But so sorry to hear of your loss – I know that must be hard and I can’t even think about that is something in our future 😦
    So new follower here and wanted to say hi. I blog too – mainly about books but the occasional family, faith, or dog post too!

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