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My oldest two children started back at school this week. I called Sam at 10:30 on Tuesday and said, in all sincerity, “I’m bored.” Pearl and I were pulling out of Target and my soul got itchy from the monotony it felt creeping in. Then, my brain found a little space to wander, so when Pearl, in her typical exclamatory nature, shouted, “LOOK! The moon!” I, in my typical melodramatic manner, waxed poetic for a moment in her direction.

“Yes! The moon! I love the moon. It’s not as bright and warming as the flashy, summer sun. But, Pearl, it really glows. It has hidden faces. It changes and then changes and then changes back to what it once was.

And you know what else I love about the moon? It shows up when you would least expect it…like now! It’s steamy, hot and midday…but that moon…oh that moon, she says, I think I’d like to glow a bit right….now. And there it is, the illusive yet ubiquitous moon…subtle but hardly overlooked…giving that bright showy sunshine a run for his money.

Yes, Pearl. I love the moon. She even reserves the right to take a night off…she’ll be big and bold and golden one night and then the next, she’s nowhere to be found. I think the moon likes to be missed…knows the art of ghosting soon and long enough to help us all realize how much we love her luminescent glow. Then, the moon is back, sometimes only a sliver of herself, but she’s back creating gorgeous reflections and soliciting lingering stares. That moon is an artist…in more ways than one.

We’ve a lot to learn from the moon, my Pearl. We have a lot to learn about mooning.



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