baby updates

Pearl – 7 months


Baby girl Pearl is 7 months old! I’m a few weeks behind posting this thought the pictures were taken right on time. Now that a few weeks have passed, it’s hard to remember what all happened last month. She’s changing to quickly! Her little personality is really coming to life. She loooooves her mama…clinging to me when we meet lots of new people. And she did not like when I left her at the church nursery for the first time…at all. I can’t say I mind, though, as I know before long she’ll be happy as can be on her own. For now, I’ll enjoy the sweet bashful snuggles and smiles that are all for mama.





Pearl adores her brothers. They make her giggle and snort. Both boys love to give her a bottle and snuggle her. It’s pretty amazing to watch them together. What a lucky little crew to have each other.



Pearl and I flew up to Illinois for a bridal shower for Lacy. It was a really special time as Aunt Lisa flew in from Canada, too! Pearl also met Great Gram, a whole bunch of great aunts and uncles and Bethany and her kiddos were in from Rio, as well.





At seven months, Pearl is taking two great naps most days…earlier in the month she was all about the 3rd catnap, too but has since let that one go. She nurses 3 times and takes a pumped bottle at bedtime. She goes to bed about 7/7:30 and sleeps till about 7am. Her tummy troubles have continued to perplex us. She loves all solid foods but they cause some issues. We’ve added in some Karo mixed with water to her day which seems to help a bit. And just yesterday we started Culturelle probiotics and that has really helped a lot! Hoping that continues. She had an ear infection early in the 7th month and the antibiotic really bothered her tummy. No fun. But her ear got better! It’s so tricky when they are little! She still has only two little bottom teeth…and of course every time she squawks or squeeks we blame it on teething 🙂  Her babbling really got going this month and she’s dropped the mamamamamama’s and is decidedly a dadadadadaaaaa baby. She makes all kinds of girlie little squeeks and blurbles that we are soaking up.



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