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And She Breathed: The Birth of Pearl Elizabeth Blossom

photo 2

Pearl Elizabeth Blossom takes her time. I know this already because even after waiting long after her due date, she was still happily hanging in my belly when on November 25th, Dr. Yvonne Smith induced my labor. Well, to be accurate, a very sweet labor and delivery nurse named Shellsea started the process. Don’t you love that spelling of her name…makes you do a tongue twister in your head, doesn’t it?!

Let me back up. On my due date, I visited my OB and we decided to wait it out. I was hoping to avoid a csection as I’d had with Coltan. I was able to avoid one with Leo but had gone into labor on my own so I was convinced that had to happen again. Leo was 3 days post due date. Pearl was still cooking at my 41 week appointment and mama was hurtin. Those days were difficult and though Pearl was fine with no signs of discontent, my body was singing a different tune. We decided at the 41 week appointment (Thursday) that we would wait till Monday, and if she hadn’t come, I’d be induced. Why Monday? Because Thanksgiving was the next Thursday and we didn’t know how long the induction process and labor might take…and it was all I could do, honestly, to make it to Monday. It’d been a long haul.

The weekend came and went and I shed a few tears. We’d been waiting on her for quite some time. Monday morning, we headed to the hospital while the boys stayed home with my mom (who had been with us for the entire month) and dad (who had arrived days earlier). The induction process started and I labored without pain meds for the first half of the day…things progressing but rather slowly. Around mid afternoon, I was progressing and in pain so decided to go ahead with the epidural. That did the trick and my body decided just a few hours later that it was time for Pearl to greet the world. The rest of the delivery took about an hour and there she was. My beautiful Pearl Elizabeth Blossom. 8 pounds 8 ouches, 20.5 inches long with a tuft of auburn hair and gorgeous crystally blue eyes.


DSC_0979 DSC_0972

photo 1

DSC_0980The next day, the boys came to meet their little sister…I have no words that can really describe this magical moment of pure bliss…


DSC_0986DSC_0990DSC_0989DSC_0993DSC_1002 DSC_0994 DSC_1009 DSC_1025 DSC_1020 DSC_1013

My awesome OB Dr. Yvonne Smith
My awesome OB Dr. Yvonne Smith

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