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a letter to me


I wish I would have written myself a letter when the boys were little to read when I had an infant again. If I had, it would be something like this…

Dear Amber,

You are going to be OK. You will not really go insane. You WILL sleep again. No, I’m not lying. You will. Babies grow. And they get really fun and cute and you will not want to claw your eyeballs out at 2am. Seriously, it will be ok.

Stop feeling like you have to do stuff when the baby is finally napping. Just stay in your pajamas and get back in bed. Productivity will bang on the door again soon enough. 

Go ahead and cry! You don’t have to know why you are crying, just let it out!! It’s normal. You’re normal. This part is really, really hard and you are going to think you are crazy for having another baby, but it gets better…the good moments get longer until its a great day with some hard moments instead of a hard day with some great moments. Promise.

Why are you trying on pre baby clothes at 2 weeks postpartum? Are you a masochist? Stop it. You’ll get there. Pour yourself into great music, scripture, friends and candles. Give yourself a daily dose of laughter, deep breaths and step outside and look up…remember the God of the universe thinks you are captivating even when you feel incredibly simple.




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